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Operating and Programming Douglas Products:

How to Operate and Program a Douglas W-2000 Network. See how a Douglas W-2000 Lighting Control Network operates, how it can be expanded, and how to program its components.
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How to Program the WTP-4408 Time/Astro/Photo Controller Program a model WTP-4408 Controller using its interactive keypad and LCD display to perform any of the functions of the WTP-4408.
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How to Program the LitePak Controller Program a model LitePak Controller using its interactive keypad and LCD display to perform any of the LitePak control functions.
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Constant Light Controller:

Constant Light Control with Step Dimming A simulation of how electronic dimming ballasts maintain an optimum ambient light level in response to any level of incoming natural light.

Constant Light Control with Quiet Mode in the Classroom A simulation of how school classroom lighting can be controlled by a Douglas W-2000 Lighting Control System.

Switch Dimming with 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 Lighting A simulation of how room brightness can be controlled by switching 1/3-2/3 fixtures ON or OFF with wall switches.

NEMA 4 Relay Panels for HID Relays
EPWE-Series Emergency Relay Panels
Oneline Generator
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Douglas Lighting Controls has manufactured and supplied lighting control equipment since 1962. Over the past nearly 50 years , Douglas has developed many lighting control firsts:

In the early 1960’s Douglas distributed the 2-wire relay, switches and panels for field assembly. Into the latter half of the decade, Douglas began to manufacture and install the first programmable lighting control system in North America using telecom technology.

The 1970’s marked a new era for Douglas Lighting Controls as we would go on to pioneer pre-assembled panels and promote pre-assembled lighting control systems as the standard for new construction projects.

The 1980’s saw the dawning of the personal computer era. Douglas would evolve, much like the world would evolve, as this magnificent tool would make its impact. Douglas Lighting Controls would take advantage of the numerous capabilities of the PC by incorporating it into our lighting controls systems and adding graphical control and data logging programs to our repertoire.

As various technologies made their way into the fabric of the controls industry in the 1990’s, Douglas Lighting Controls adopted the LonWorks control technology to a number of our control products and we officially joined the LonMark Lighting Control Standards group.

The 21st century opened to the world embracing the phenomenon that is the World Wide Web. The internet has simplified an innumerous amount of tasks and increased the accessibility for many control industries, including lighting controls. The early 2000’s saw Douglas Lighting Controls adding internet control and web access to our LonWorks lighting control product group.

Today, Douglas Lighting Controls Inc. continues to engineer, manufacture and distribute, lighting control products for the North American and International markets. We manufacture a full line of lighting control products from basic components to pre-assembled systems. Our products and systems are installed in thousands of buildings worldwide and we have come to be known for our reliable product and years of tremendous service.

WR-4040, WR-4075 Transformer Power Supplies

DOUGLAS LIGHTING CONTROLS, INC. has over 70 Representatives in the USA and Canada. In addition, our staff of Factory Sales Managers are continually on the road and available to meet you.



WNS-2300 Series élan Data Line Switch Modules
LitePak Control Panels
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