WNS-2300 Series élan Data Line Switch Modules

WNS-2300 Series élan Data Line Switch Modules
  • The WNS-2300 series élan Data Line Switch Modules each contain 1 to 4 rocker switches for controlling Douglas relays and groups anywhere in a Douglas W-2000 lighting control network
  • Each Switch Module has 2 screw terminals for 24VAC and 2 screw terminals (polarity insensitive) for the data signal on the back
  • LEDs show status of relays or groups controlled. Red indicates ON (any of group's relays are ON) and green indicates OFF (all of group's relays are OFF)
  • Rocker Switches each have a slot and a space for inserting custom labels
  • Each Data Line Switch Module, as a device on a LonWorks network, has its own network address. For a self-configured network, the address is set with the rotary dials on the back. For a network controlled by the Douglas WNP-2150 Network Manager or by a Building Management System, the address is set by the Network Manager or BAS. If two modules have the same address, they will operate in parallel
  • Up to twenty Switch Modules can exist within the same Douglas self-configured network
  • élan Data Line Switch Modules install in standard wall boxes
  • Use 'Decora' Style Cover Plates with élan Data Line Switch Modules
  • The LED indicators have auxiliary flashing patterns for programming aids and fault diagnosis