WN- Series Dry-Contact Switches

WN- Series Dry-Contact Switches
  • Douglas dry-contact switches are available for miscellaneous control operations including MC-6000 control
  • Douglas dry-contact switches are not designed for connecting to Douglas 2-wire relays. They can, however, switch Douglas 2-wire relays when a relay scanner is utilized and is configured to accommodate them
  • Dry-contact switches can be installed in standard Douglas wall boxes
  • Each switch is rated for 24VAC/1.5A
  • Momentary contact switch is push-button or key, maintained contact switch is rocker or key
  • Douglas dry-contact switches include:
    • WN-5002 (maintained contact switch)
    • WN-5062 (maintained contact switch with space inside cap for label)
    • WNK-8221 (maintained contact tumbler key switch)
    • WNK-8231 (momentary contact tumbler key switch)
    • WR-8911 (momentary contact switch with space inside cap for label)